About Eagles Of The WorldTM Foundation

The mission of the newly established Eagles Of The WorldTM Foundation is to preserve the Earth’s biological diversity as it relates to securing the future of “critically rare” eagle species in their natural environments and ecosystems.

More than half of the world’s birds of prey have declining global populations. Of the nearly 70 known species of Eagles currently living on Planet Earth, over half of these are listed as Critically Endangered (CE), Endangered (EN), Vulnerable (VU), or Nearly Threatened (NT).

Eagles of the WorldTM Foundation was launched in 2019 by retired American Eagle Foundation Founder & President, Al Cecere. After decades of helping Bald Eagle conservation efforts in the United States, Cecere wanted to continue his passion for helping eagles by extending his conservation efforts worldwide.

Eagles Of The WorldTM Foundation is a a 501(c)3 not-for-profit public charity and has begun fundraising to support the on-going development of the following programs:

Eagles Of The WorldTM Recovery & Protection Fund

This is an Endowment Fund for program development & grant-making. The Primary Program Goal is to support the care, recovery, and protection of seriously endangered & threatened eagles and raptors in the USA & throughout the world.

Eagles Of The WorldTM Grant-Making Endowment Fund

The Primary Program Goal is to annually support various non-profit eagle education, care, and conservation projects both inside and outside of North America to assist with the recovery and protection of various critically endangered eagle/raptor species. Annual grant applications will be accepted from non-profit organizations that support eagle recovery and protection goals and such organizations and projects shall be selected by a highly qualified team of eagle/raptor experts.